Dear Pizza Alien,

I am worried my Great Dane will fall in the pool when I’m not home, so I would like to teach her to swim. Do you have any tips?

Sincerely, Big Dog Daddy Nick

Hi Daddy! I think you are going to want to get a dog life vest from one of those catalogues. And, maybe leave treats by the pool steps. That way, if she falls in, she will still float and will be able to stay happy until you get back.

Love, Pizza Alien

* * * *
Dear Pizza Alien,

I was painting my nails in my mom’s bedroom, and spilled the bottle of red polish on the carpet. She’s definitely going to be mad. What do i do?

Help Please, Slippy

Dear Slippy,

Get some scissors and cut the dried polish out of the rug. Move a chair on top of it or a table. Maybe put a sock over it. Good luck!!

Love, Pizza Alien

* * * *
Pizza Alien will appear in a book to be published in September 2020, The Adventures of Pizza Alien, written with Meghan Jenkins, and is the star of a film by the same title, soon to be seen everywhere, which is written, directed, and produced by Ms. Jenkins.

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