By Meghan Jenkins

* * * *
You’re going to be okay. You know how I know this? The human mind has an incredible ability to adapt to even the most extreme situations. You can live through anything and come out stronger than you ever even imagined. There are people on this planet who have lived through some horrendous, unfathomable situations and have lived. Thrived, even.

Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped and held hostage as a young girl by a terrifying and delusional couple, now has her own interview show where she speaks with people who have gone through similar traumatic situations. You can feel her strength and courage through the screen when you watch. There are so many instances where people have had to endure things that might make you think, “There’s no way anyone could come out okay after this.” Yet they do.

The one thing in common that they seem to have—those people who thrive in seemingly impossible situations—is an ability to see beyond what is in front of them. They know there will be a way out, a way through. And they keep searching for it. The belief that this isn’t what they were put on this planet for, and they will take risks and chances that others won’t, to get to that freedom.

Don’t let yourself get stuck. Keep moving. Keep searching for possibilities that will lead to your freedom. Even if we are told to stay in our homes for who knows how much longer … it’s going to be okay. You were built to thrive, and you absolutely can if you want too. No matter what.

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