Dictated by Panda, transcribed by Mark Aldrich, proofread by Panda

* * * *
My best human friend Meghan Jenkins and I produced three episodes of our new comedy improv show The The Ding Wrong Show, starring me, Panda, my best friend Meghan Jenkins, her friends, and me in a mere two weeks.

The The Ding Wrong Show
Meghan and I and our very special guests come together via Zoom and we create comedy and entertaining conversation for a half-hour. Meghan designed, lettered, drew, painted, and glittered the logo for the show, which you can see here, and I am the face, so I think you know what that means. It means a lot about me as a most excellent panda.

So, as the Panda in the title of the show, I realized that I need to hibernate, and for those who planned to watch our next new show on YouTube tomorrow morning, I do not apologize. [Editor’s note: Panda apologizes. Further, Zoom reported service outages all day today, which we experienced in a dress rehearsal. We’re sure Zoom apologizes.] We—and by we, I mean Meghan and me, Panda, and our (her) human friends—will be back on Zoom at 10:00 PST next Monday, August 31.

For the one or two of you who have not yet encountered our show, The The Ding Wrong Show, I suggest you learn what you have missed so far and binge-watch the whole start of our first season, which I present to you here.

Episode One, in which I lead the cast in a “Lean on Me” singalong:

Episode Two:

Episode Three, Part One (shouldn’t “three” have three Es? just wondering), in which I offered some rules for future shows that Meghan read:

Episode Threee (there! I did it!), Part Two, in which Meghan sings my apology for how my rules in the first part of the episode sounded too rule-y:


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