By Meghan Jenkins, Photo by Meghan Jenkins, products modeled are hers

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My endorsements of all these things come straight from me. None of these brands have asked me—yet!—to write about their products, so everything I say here is something I say to my friends because I use or simply enjoy these products and brands. I have a good life partly because of what’s in the photo here, as well as some other products that I will be sharing with you in the future.

Wide Awake Under Eye Cream by Wake the Dead Scrubs, just so you know, is the only reason I can film and work on photos late at night. I swear to you. We record my show, The The Ding Wrong Show, at around 10:30 p.m., and this eye cream is my partner.

Also, Blush Wellness CBD PMS patches have changed my life for the better, and they have probably saved the lives of everyone around me.

Jessica Simpson’s memoir Open Book is S O GO O D. It came out in February. She’s legit a fantastic writer, and it is a great read. I related heavily to a few things she wrote about, so that may be why I’m biased and love this book so damn much.

What else is here … oh!! Roobios de-stress teas in K-Cup and also not in K-Cup, in tea bags by VitaCup. It’s a super cool company that has infused coffees and teas … I drink these: the mushroom coffee they have, the beauty one, and the genius blend (obvs). Rad AF.

Native‘s deodorant is natural and is the ONLY natural deodorant I’ve ever used that has WORKED. Like better than non-natural. And certainly better than unnatural. It even smells better. When u don’t shower for 3 days because pandemic, swear to god u put this on and no one can tell. Also shut up.

I think that’s it? What else did I put in the photo? Just tomatoes and oranges right? Apples? THIS IS SO MUCH FUN …

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