By Meghan Jenkins

* * * *

I lost a contest!! Well, technically I came in third, but not winning the cover of Maxim Magazine gave me an idea: Start my own MeghaZine! Losing something in life doesn’t ever mean “give up.” It’s an opportunity. A gift. I have always learned more, and grown more as a person, when things have not gone my way. Take this Coronavirus pandemic for example. Talk about losing things … life as we knew it has changed, and probably forever. But if you look for opportunities for growth in every situation, you will find them.

MeghaZine will be full of articles from the one and only Mark Aldrich (New York). His writings and perspective in this world resonated with me from day one, and I hope you’ll all be able to see what I see when I read his work. You’re going to meet my friend Tess (Natassia Hudecova). We met back in 2012, and if I didn’t have my life, I would want hers. She really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to a lot of things. I told her she can write about anything she wants in every issue so you are in for a treat. No limits.

Also, you’re really going to get something special each month, because I have a full fledged, bona fide TV star, professional actor and comedian Brian Scolaro writing movie reviews. Why only movie reviews you ask? “Brian has so much talent,” you might say to me! Yes. Yes, he does. But wait till you read his reviews. They are unmatched. I figured no one else has grabbed the opportunity to highlight Brian’s movie knowledge, so I would. Opportunities … See? Full circle.

Well this wasn’t so bad as a first “WELCOME TO MEGHAZINE” letter, was it? ❤


Love, Meghan Jenkins

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