By Mark Aldrich

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Last week, this website broke news to itself that the video meeting platform Zoom was down for part of August 24, the very day that the website’s co-founder, Meghan Jenkins, would be hosting her new comedy improv show The The Ding Wrong Show on that very platform.

The live performance and recording of the show was postponed, and the delay was announced here by Mark Aldrich and the show’s co-host and spiritual center, Panda, at This may have gone unnoticed by the vast majority of many people, but it was not unnoticed by “The News,” as seen in this award for Mr. Aldrich and Panda from “The News:”

“Congradulations,” the award declares, and the “d’ in the award is how we know it is very real.

Mr. Aldrich, a journalist and humor writer, compared receiving this award to one he won in 1997 from the New York Press Association for his weekly newspaper column:

The one time an award was given to me, it was at a real awards ceremony in a hotel ballroom. The names of the nominees were read aloud, and an envelope torn open to reveal the winner’s name. It was just like a TV show, and as with all things “just like a TV show,” I did not know how to act. I dashed from my seat upon seeing my name projected on the screen behind the presenters, ran to the front of the room, paused long enough to collect the plaque (which I have long since lost), looked at it to confirm that my name was indeed the one etched on its surface, and dashed back to my newspaper’s table. The presenters were not looked at long enough for their faces to be retained in my memory. It happened so quickly that no one could make a joke about how quickly I ran up there. Was an acceptance speech expected? Yes, yes there was. Was one delivered? No.
I grabbed that thing as if I expected the membership of the New York Press Association to demand an instant recount. As if someone had clicked start on a stopwatch. Thus, I appreciate this award from “The News,” all the more deeply.

Panda’s statement about the award focuses on the six frozen yogurts cited on the plaque: from whom can she request them, when, and can she have all six now?

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