By Panda Panda

[Editor’s Note:Scenes for the third season of the Mark Aldrich and Panda sketch comedy show are now being filmed! See below:

Panda would like to speak with her fans online who want to know more about her. Thus she has decided to write and publish a blog about her life. The full first season of Mark Aldrich and Panda are available on YouTube, and each episode is about ten minutes long and hilarious, if I say so myself.

Panda and I read her first blog entry together for an episode of the show. Part One is here:

And now, here’s Panda with Panda’s Blog.—Mark]

* * * *
Guess what guys? Panda’s Blog is back, and it’s back in a big way.

With the announcement first: Mark Aldrich and Panda will be returning with season 3!

This time in the blog I’m not obligated to keep a time count because I told Meghan that distracts me and it feels like I’m in prison all day everyday having to look at the clock AND pay attention to what I’m doing, so now I’m allowed to be more free in my blogging which I like to do anyway. Like for instance, today is Sunday night, but I’m already writing ahead of time for tomorrow Monday.

I painted today. Also Meghan just told me it’s Monday night right now not Sunday so I’m already late for my first blog entry but it’s ok because it’s not midnight yet. Well, it’s midnight in New York and that’s where I send these blogs. All the way to Mark in New York and he puts them on MeghaZine. He has an alert on his email that rings and I feel bad it’s gonna ding at him right now when I send this. Hopefully he will be surprised and happy that I’m blogging again and if I say I’m sorry for waking you up Mark in here maybe he won’t be as upset. [Editor’s Note: It’s okay, Panda, and I am happy you’re blogging again and I’m looking forward to us writing and filming the show.—Mark]

Goodnight everyone and good morning Mark thank you for helping me spread my blog all over the world. I will be back again tomorrow and all this week with updates of my day again just like last time but better because I have learned lessons and it’s almost springtime so the weather is getting warmer.

Xoxox Love,

* * * *
Thursday, 7:19 a.m.: I am supposed to write an apology here. Meghan said, “If you want to write a blog for MeghaZine you have to keep some kind of structure and you can’t just tell people you have new no rules blog.” So I’m sorry. And it’s 7:20 a.m. now. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s 7:21 so I don’t get yelled at agai– THERE NOW IT’S 7:21 a.m. THURSDAY, and I’m BACK WITH MY BLOGGING! Whooooooo!

Panda here, and what a week. So far, there was Monday, and then Tuesday came and that was tutu 2/22/22 Twosday and I had a blast. Mark asked me if I had a tutu for tutu day and I did so I posted a video and then I started getting some stuff ready for Season 3 of my show and I went on the elliptical for almost an hour that was the longest time I’d ever been on it so you can tell I’m getting into serious actress mode.

I also ate some cookies and made quinoa. It’s 7:23 right now, and I’m allowed to take breaks until next blogging moment, so I’ll be back and let you know what I’m doing. Xoxoxo Love, Panda

Thursday, 8:16 a.m.: Hello again! See! I told you I’d be back.

Ok, so I just got out of the bath, I was so so cold I couldn’t even tell if I had to go to the bathroom or not because I think even my bladder was frozen. It is 48 degrees F right now, and I don’t know how to handle it. My left side is always colder than my right side. I don’t know why. I sprained my left ankle tho’ dancing when I was on The The Ding Wrong Show and just kept dancing and dancing … I didn’t know I was supposed to take care of it, so now my leg has hurt for a little bit but Meghan got me this thing with pads to put on it and that helps. I touched the pads with my hands when the machine was on tho’, I was just moving them, and then AHHHHHHHH I screaaaaaamed, and Meghan had to shut the machine off and pull the sticky pads off of my hands. She said, “PANDA!!! OH MY GOD DON’T DO THAT AGAIN YOU JUST GAVE YOURSELF AN ELECTRIC SHOCK!” And then she hugged me. I feel okay, tho’ right now except for being cold, but I’m not even cold right now because the bath was hot, and now I feel good and have a Perez Hilton blanket wrapped around me and I’m watching Law and Order. I’ll be back again later but I don’t know what time yet.

Thursday, 11:08 a.m.: I bedazzled my glasses a little bit. I got a bedazzler a few months ago and have bedazzled a few things, but I think I’m tired of it now. It’s a lot of work bending over and, like, holding the heaty thing on the bead and sometimes the bead moves and it’s frustrating and it’s just not as fun as I thought it’d be. I like painting more. I got a watercolor set a while ago and made some nice things and I brought them to New York for an art show. Mark was there. We are gonna talk about it on Mark Aldrich and Panda so I can’t say anything about certain things in my blog Meghan said because they’re in the show and that’d be too much of the same thing in different places. I’m going to take a nap now. Remembering bedazzling made me want to fall asleep. I’ll be back again tho’ when I wake up I promise. And I’ll even tell you what time it is. Because I have to. Meghan said so.

Thursday, 5:57 p.m.: I am awake from my nap! I almost forgot to blog again, but Meghan reminded me. She also said it’s almost 9:00 p.m. in New York and I need to get my blog in before Mark goes to bed. So I’m watching The Nanny right now and I love Fran Drescher’s outfits. She has amazing style. And I am packing a book box because I was given instructions to mail it to Mel from 95.5 KLOS for being Meghan’s friend. I am putting bows and tissue paper in it just like I did for Mark’s book box. It looks very professional, and I’ve only been a personal secretary for like two-three months now. I’m doing a pretty good job at it. I forgot to mail something to someone back around Christmas but that was my only slip-up so far. They didn’t ask for it, so I think we all are just pretending that I never said I’d mail it in the first place. I should probably mail it. I will. Tomorrow. Okay, goodnight everyone, I’m going to send this to Mark now I will blog again tomorrow xoxoxo Love, Panda!

* * * *
Friday, 2:35 p.m.: Today I woke up around noon, and then I rolled around on the ground a little bit until Meghan reminded me I had to go to the mailbox to mail packages. So I wrapped up the packages that I was supposed to wrap last night and have ready to go this morning. I still did a really good job even tho’ I should have done it last night. So then I did that, and then I painted my nails and then I made sure the packages got mailed and they should be to some places by Monday. That’s good! I’m just realizing right now, wishing I had some cheese … I have hummus, but I don’t have anything to dip into it. I have socks on and a fruit patterned short and shirt set that matches. I guess I have to keep writing because I’m supposed to blog today. Still I get tomorrow and Sunday off, but I’m already in vacation mode especially with the outfit I have on. I have a little jar of peanut butter and two apples and some oatmeal. And tea. I want different food and more of it. I’m going to get in the bath right now and watch some tv and I think I maybe am going to go to bed early. Getting ready for the Mark Aldrich and Panda show for season three is going well. There is no season two, we just skipped it and went to season three. Season two was napping. I was asleep. So just picture me asleep and having a good rest and that’s season two. Maybe there is a season two, tho’, and I just can’t find it. I don’t know. I just show up and do my lines and have a good time doing it. That’s all that matters. Okay I am going to get in the bath now and I’ll be back maybe there will be something exciting to write about or maybe not and that’s ok too

Friday, 3:43 p.m.: I am out of the bath and into a new outfit: jeans and a yellow button-down shirt that has cowboys on it. I love this shirt. I just saw a thing on Instagram where there’s letters that go to kids and they can solve mysteries and I was like, hey, I can send letters to people. Maybe there can be a prescription service where I send letters to people and I say, “Hello how are you,” and then we are Panda Pen Pals. I wonder if Mark can help with that, and also people could be Panda Pen Pals with Mark too because his letters are ammmmmazing and like historical saving. Beautiful words. We could do like, a Panda Pen Pals Package Deal where you really get your money’s worth and get letters from both Mark and Panda (that’s me), and you can write back to us at a P.O. Box … I am in California tho’, and Mark is in New York, so we would maybe need two P.O. Boxes or just one that Mark is in charge of or that I am in charge of and then we can talk together and do letters to people and make sure they get sent out. I think it’d be fun, and a good way to get into stamp collecting which I’ve been interested in ever since I’ve been going to the mailboxes to mail things for Meghan. I have to go make sure I have done all of my secretary duties today, so I will be back, xoxo Panda!

Friday, 5:33 p.m.: I forgot to mail the thing I was supposed to mail at Christmas again. I didn’t “forget” it, I just was like feeling awkward because it’s been so long and do I send a Christmas card with it still or should I wait until St. Patrick’s Day and then send a leprechaun card, but what if they aren’t Irish and what if they are already mad at me because I didn’t send it at Christmas like I said and that’s why they didn’t ask about it. I should get some extra things around the house to put in the package as apology gifts along with the main package-sending. Maybe I’ll send some of Meghan’s jewelry. Or like, flower seeds. People love flowers. Especially when they can grow them themselves. Patience is a virtue!!!! Meghan’s Dad says that all the time. I don’t know what it means but I yell it out loud a lot because it’s fun to say. Okay, I have to say goodnight and send this to MeghaZine in New York and then I’ll be back on Monday with the best blog ever in the best magazine ever with the best editor-in-chief and Mark ever, Mark. [Editor’s Note: Awww! Thanks for those compliments, Panda!—Mark]

Happy Weekend!!!!

* * * *
Meghan Jenkins is an actor, comedian, radio personality, artist, author, musician, model.

As a model, Meghan has been invited by Maxim and Miss Jetset magazines to compete several times in contests to appear on a future magazine cover. Fans vote for their favorite model.

On December 14, 2021, Safety Date, Meghan Jenkins’ second book, was published. Meghan writes, “This book is dedicated to life, love and romance. This is also a humor book. Don’t take this too seriously. Whatever you have been through, if you are married or single, this book is for you. Safety first.”

The Adventures of Pizza Alien, a novel of interlocking short stories by Meghan Jenkins, is is available through and the online book retailers Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The Adventures of Pizza Alien is available for $18.

Panda’s Dance Party, Vol. 3 is available from these fine music services: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Juno Download.

Panda’s Dance Party, Vol. 2 is available here: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Juno Download.

Panda’s Dance Party, Meghan’s first album, was released in December 2020. It is available to purchase, download, and stream on every music platform: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Juno Download.

Meghan is a brand ambassador for Pineapple Clothing. Use the code “MegJen” for a 20% discount!

Meghan’s new internet comedy show, “Mark Aldrich and Panda,” debuted in August 2021.

You can see each episode of Meghan’s previous internet show here: Camp Panda.

Meghan is the founder and host of the live comedy improv show The The Ding Wrong Show, recorded on Zoom and seen on YouTube.

In 2018-’19, she was one of the feature performers in the longest running improv comedy show at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, California, The Ding Dong Show.

From 2017 to 2018, she was the host of her self-titled podcast, The Meghan Jenkins Show, which is available on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud:

Follow Meghan on Instagram!

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