Keep Voting! We’re in the next round for the Maxim Cover

Keep Voting! We’re in the next round for the Maxim Cover

By Mark Aldrich
Vote for Meghan Jenkins to appear on a future cover of Maxim magazine here! She made it through the first round of voting with your help; please vote each day.

* * * *
This spring, when Maxim magazine first invited Meghan to compete in an online contest to be a cover model, the people in charge of the contest did not share some details with her, or the other possible cover models of the future: some of what we at like to refer to as “the rules.”

She and her friends utilized their social media skills the first time around, blitzed their contacts, had fun, and enough people voted for her that she … did not come in first. (Sad face emoji.) However, one of her friends (his name is me) finally noticed an important phrase on Maxim’s somewhat cluttered website: “Next round.” She had not lost by not reaching first place, she had qualified for the next round instead. (Raised eyebrow emoji.)

There were three next rounds, a phrase which some of us might have once considered fun on a Friday evening out, but is nerve-racking in an online contest. A true underdog, Meghan made the cut each time, and finished in third overall.

Her competitors were professional models with slick portfolios and modelling agencies behind their campaigns and none were actors or comedians: readers voted, and Meghan advanced from round to round (there were three or four rounds) until she finished in third in the final round. For someone whose portfolio was comprised of self-styled samples from her “coronavirus cuties” comedy selfies taken in her home rather than beach photos styled by a professional team, this was a remarkable achievement.

Yesterday, Meghan qualified for the next round of voting in Maxim magazine’s cover model contest. If you have not yet voted for her, please visit the site and extend your support. The winner will appear on a cover of Maxim Australia, win a trip to Australia, and win $10,000 AUD.
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