My Haunted Hometown

My Haunted Hometown

By Mark Aldrich

One Halloween night, in 1979, I was allowed to venture on foot, in costume, and not accompanied by adults. I was 10. (Hold that thought for a second, please, while I address my mom: What!?!)

* * * *
The Martin Prosperity Institute released what it called its third “annual survey” of Halloween in America back in 2013. The Institute did not produce a fourth or any subsequent sequel to this seminal study of all things creepy, ghostly, and scary, and in 2019, the MPI closed up shop altogether. My hometown broke it, I believe, which I will explain.

The Institute’s 2013 in-depth look at the field of Halloween enjoyment, a study not seriously undertaken by most people older than eight, led to many national news articles that expressed shock at its conclusion, which was this: the best place for Halloween in the United States of America is Poughkeepsie, New York.
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A Maxim-ized Thank You

A Maxim-ized Thank You

By Meghan Jenkins and Mark Aldrich
The most important thing to say is thank you: Thank you to the hundreds or thousands of people who voted for me in the two recent Maxim magazine cover model contests!

Neither contest resulted in what everyone at MeghaZine thinks would have been the correct outcome: me on a future cover of Maxim. After all, the team here, which is comprised of Panda, MeghaZine sports editor Mark Aldrich, many friends, and especially Panda, helped create and publish a website about me and my interests, and they put a photo of me on the virtual cover several times a month. But Panda and Mark were not the only two … um, creatures … who voted, since Maxim only allowed one vote per day, and in both contests, I finished so close that it made sense to cross my fingers about it.

A lot of people that I’ve never met or heard of voted for me, and that means a lot.

In the first contest, I came in third, and this month, Maxim Australia reported that I came in the top one-percent and was so close to the semi-finals round. It was also an honor to represent a great organization, K2 Adventures Foundation, in the most recent contest.

If I am invited to participate in a Maxim magazine cover model contest again, or almost any other one, count me in. If they keep inviting me and I keep coming in thiiiiiiis close, the worst-case scenario is I’ll be the Susan Lucci of Maxim cover model contests.

It’s a little frustrating to not win, but it warms my heart when I think of how many people voted for me online each day. ā¤
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