A ‘Donda’ Listening Party with Meghan and Mark

A ‘Donda’ Listening Party with Meghan and Mark

By Meghan Jenkins and Mark Aldrich

[Editor’s Note: The following is a review of Kanye West’s tenth album, “Donda” (album cover pictured above), written by Meghan Jenkins live while she listened to “Donda.”

At some point in the experience, Ms. Jenkins decided to tap Mr. Aldrich in and assist her with the listening party. Thus, this is a “Donda” listening party with Meghan Jenkins’ live review, with commentary by Mark Aldrich as he listened to the same album. And Panda and AldraMark, whom none of the readers of “MeghaZine know yet, were a part of the listening party, too. Meghan writes that AldraMark likes “Donda” and has started to wear full black outfits such as were seen at this week’s Met Gala.

Since Mr. West staged three large-scale “listening events” to introduce versions of the album while he worked out its final form, this seemed to be an excellent way to experience the finished album: to include our MeghaZine readers in Meghan and Mark’s first experience of “Donda.”

Mark’s comments are in parentheses. AldraMark’s are silent.]
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